I have had a life time love affair with “Old things” – Antiques, Vintage Items and Historical Architecture.  I grew up surrounded by these items,  attending auctions with my parents and going through Historical Home tours. Our basement always contained pieces  of furniture in various stages of being restored or remodeled.  I would become  intrigued by the history of the item  and who could have used it.  As I became older,  I began to recognized the quality of workmanship used in the past, that was sorely lacking in the present.

 So it was no wonder as I ventured out on my own that I scoured thrift shops, garage sales and Estate sales to furnish my various homes. Then there was  that occasional piece discarded in the street waiting for the Garbage man, those were the best!  Many a time my Husband or children have cringed as I pulled over and loaded that poor loney piece into the back of the van.  I LOVE taking something old, broken or worn, and giving it new life!! It is a passion I’ve inherited from my parents and one I fueled with my study of Architecture and Interior Design. Recently it has become  a passion my Husband and I can share, even our children, as they get older, are expressing an interest.  A part of that interest being in how we can recycle rather than just discarding  to the garbage heap.

Recently, as we have decided to focus on “doing what we love” we have started a  new venture of collecting and re-finishing  Antique and Vintage  items.  We search for items that are unique, have a certain character or just capture us in some way, then we visualize how we will give them a new life.  We would like to share how we do this, where we search, what we find and  the different techniques we try. We hope we can inform and inspire others to do the same.  add another page.


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